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Martin Capeletto


MyLenio Webinar - 1/11/2021 - First Steps in MyLenio #1

Learn how to do your first steps in MyLenio! Chapter #1

Martin Capeletto


12 Tips on how to Organize your Small Business and be more Efficient

Learn some of the tricks we found on most of our Customers on how to properly organize your Company and how MyLenio can help you

Martin Capeletto


Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources - How it Works

Learn how MyLenio provide Permissions Automatically for all of your SaaS Resources without ever leaving MyLenio

Martin Capeletto


How to Implement a Training Program in your Company

Learn more on how to implement and track a Training Program for you Company using MyLenio

Martin Capeletto


How to keep your Employee's Information Secure and Organized

Learn how MyLenio helps you to keep your Employee's Information Secure and Organized with Google gSuite and Microsoft Office 365

Martin Capeletto


MyLenio Webinar - 12/16/2020 - Automatic SaaS Permissions

Learn how to configure MyLenio to provide Automatic SaaS permissions to your resources!

Martin Capeletto


MyLenio Webinar - 11/24/2020 - New Features Overview

Webinar on 11/24/2020 explaining all the new cool features for our new release. Check all the new things MyLenio provides now and how to use them!

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