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Vasalto is services company that process payroll and accountancy, as well as tax and legal advices. Technology is on his DNA and they automate as much as possible all their interal process.

They have several work centers and +120 employees.


They were looking for a training tool, with a huge impact on the onboarding process in VASALTO. They were clear: There is only one chance to make a first impression


They started with Mylenio uploading all the employees, also the draw and set their teams regarding their internal organization. In this case, VASALTO is divided into departments and all departments has at least three roles: Director, Manager and Tecnical. After moduling their own company they felt super organice. They stated giving communications through MyLenio, because from that moment in advance they can provide information to a concrete team without sending emails remembering CCed everyone.

Since they had their team set, they strating uploading training in many ways, videos, PPTs, any kind of documents… Moreover, some trainings have a quiz at the end or exercises to upload in order to be checked by a supervisor. VASALTO was capable to manager all these ways to train employees with MyLenio.


As they’re a services company, many people get in and out everyweek. Thanks to MyLenio they can manage onboardings and offboardings in the most efficient way. Having all the teams set and all the training assigned to those employees that need to pass them. 

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