Frequently asked questions

What do we do at Mylenio?

We are an all-in-one platform which provides integrations with the most popular SaaS applications, account provisioning, and security standards for your company. You will be able to configure what resources each of your computers will use, and MyLenio will automatically provide you with the permissions in a simple way.

On each team, you can configure what roles and Users that team will have. You can also create a Google Drive, assign a Github Repository, create a Jira Project, all directly from MyLenio. Finally, configure what Roles they will have on each platform, and MyLenio takes care of giving permissions to everyone automatically, saving a lot of time you have to spend doing this process employee by employee.
Mylenio gives you the ability to easily manage and automate your SAAS apps and permissions. Organize your company in teams, connect your SaaS apps and automate your permissions. Manage all of your SaaS users and resources from one single place.

Stop wasting time and money managing and configuring your SaaS applications. MyLenio is your assistant, making it simple to grow and scale your business. Let us assist you in managing and configuring your Saas applications today!

What integrations does MyLenio offer?

Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft365, Keeper, Confluence and more to come!

What new integrations will Mylenio offer? Can I integrate my company's applications?

The successive integrations we will offer in MyLenio are Perimeter81, Hubspot, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Teams, and HelloSign. MyLenio will offer the possibility of integrating your company's applications through a REST API. We will define endpoints that each tenant will have to implement in the applications they want to integrate, and thus Mylenio will be able to manage users and resources.

What is the price of Mylenio?

Mylenio is priced at $3.00 per user/month.

What is User Provisioning?

User provisioning is an identity access management process, which involves creating, updating, and deleting a user's account and access in multiple applications and SAAS systems at the same time. Account and access management use users/employee information such as name, attributes, group name, and other related data that helps to grant or deny access accordingly. The need for provisioning arises when data is added or changed in an "original system database" (e.g., HR system, Institute database). Hiring, promotions, and transfers are examples of events that can trigger provisioning. Provisioning ensures that user access rights are up to date, without the need for manual efforts.

What are the benefits of using MyLenio for my company?

The main benefits that your company will have using MyLenio will be time savings, economic resources, and increased security. Why? Because introducing user provisioning and PoLP through MyLenio in your company will automatically provide the permissions and guarantee a security concept in which a user receives the minimum levels of access and licenses necessary to perform their job functions.
In addition, working with MyLenio will support your company to achieve security certifications such as SOC2, HIPAA, CMMI, ISO and will save time and money in your audits.

What technical requirements does my company need?

Since MyLenio is a web-based SaaS, you only need a browser and admin access to the other SaaS you want to manage via MyLenio.

Is my info secure?

MyLenio works with industry standards set by companies like Google, Microsoft and Paypal. We made this software to stay compliant with SOC2, PIPPA and ISO norms. Ask us about your security needs!

How to add an app?

Login with your credentials and go to Settings and then App. Fill the form following the wizard (Leni) advice.

Can I add outsourced/external/guests users? Is there a limit?

Yes you can. Simply create a category for them, and you can add them as a different type of user for your teams.

What type of support do we give?

You have 24 hours support from our dedicated team, we provide you with a personal Slack channel, where you can ask questions, issue tickets, and make calls with the support team. Also we bring zoom and meet calls.

How to create teams and users?

At the Sidebar, go to Teams and then Add new. Fill the form following the wizards advice. You are ready to add members!

What benefits can I expect from subscribing to MyLenio?

Your company will have a centralized web tool to create and manage teams.
You will have an organized and secure company where you will be able to save time by giving the right access and permissions to the right people. And it will save a lot of time, money and energy in the process.
Then you could provision each member with the apps you’ve integrated and start to manage permission

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