The Vision

We believe in SaaS and work remote world where be compliant is key.
SaaS management is becoming an issue. The engagement level of remote companies is a challenge and less than 20% of SMB SOC2, PCI or HIPAA compliance. Due to this situation, MyLenio wants to provide the best solution for SMB to afford this context.

Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources with MyLenio

Why we are different

MyLenio is an all-in-one tool that allows you to:

  • globally organize your company in teams and roles.
  • After that you'll be able to assign the SaaS Resources each team needs.
  • This will handle user provisioning and the necessary permissions automatically.

Trusting these processes to a tool will allow you to save a lot of time and energy.

Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources with MyLenio

Our Story

MyLenio started out as an internal product for a Software Development Company called Leniolabs_

As a fast-growing small business, Leniolabs relies on efficient organization, precise permissions policy implementation and robust security as key management tools in order to scale properly with confidence. The centralization, which MyLenio delivers, allowed Leniolabs to work with top companies which demand high security requirements.

And here we are. MyLenio is live, and several companies are using it to automate their SaaS permissions. It provides a set of tools that is usually only available for the enterprise to make your company thrive without losing your identity.

Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources with MyLenio

The Team ⚡

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