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Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources

We provide integrations with the most known SaaS Applications like Jira, Slack, Bitbucket, and Github. You can configure what resources each of your teams will use, and MyLenio will provide automatic permissions for you.

In each team, you can configure what Roles and Users that team will have. You can then create a Google Drive for it, assign a Github Repository, create a Jira Project, everything directly from MyLenio. Finally, you'll configure what Roles they will have in each Platform, and MyLenio takes care of providing permissions to everyone automatically.

As companies grow, this is a huge time saving for anyone involved in providing permissions. Each time someone joins a team, they will have everything need to work without your involvement. Also, without a robust system, permissions are just never added or removed properly, which prevents having your Company organized securely.

Now more than ever, security is more and more important, and if you don't pay attention to these issues now, those problems will hunt you down the road when you need to apply for a certification or work for any big companies where security standards are required.

Automatic Permissions for your SaaS Resources with MyLenio

Automate & Save Time

Everything we did and we will be done at MyLenio have a strong focus on Automating Processes and Saving Time.

We found that usually, Owners or Founders are doing a lot of repetitive tasks and taking care of things they shouldn't. MyLenio provides many tools for you to focus on your business and not on the trivial tasks that can be automated.

MyLenio provide permissions automatically, create all SaaS accounts for you allowing you to save time and focus on the most important things.

Automate & Save Time with MyLenio

Focus on Security and Organization

In the short term, most companies will be requiring some Compliance from your end to do business with them. Now is the best moment to start taking security seriously and organize your Company to be able to work with them.

Having an organized company allows you to free your time to focus on what you like to do the most. MyLenio provides a solid set of tools to make this a reality.

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Focus on Security and Organization

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