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Streamline your small business
HR + IT + Compliance

The proper way to manage your teams
and organize your company in one place.

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1. Define your teams

Organize your people into different teams and roles, dynamically creating the OrgChart of your company, and manage your whole team in a single platform.

2. Connect your Stack

Connect your company accounts (i.e Gmail, Microsoft 365, Slack, Bitbucket, Github, Jira, and other services) into MyLenio to have a 360° view of what is going on in the company.

3. Streamline your processes

Assign documents, tasks, company processes and training to your team, and let MyLenio take care of it for you.


Make your company work remotely!

Company Processes

Define your company processes, assign who is responsible for each step, and review the progress in your Dashboard. Know exactly what's happening, what's pending and what steps are overdue.

Documents & Training

Create and sign all the documents without leaving the platform using eSignature. Also, provide virtual training to your team. Always knowing exactly what's missing.

Security & Compliance

MyLenio provides powerful tools to monitor and manage all of your resources, permissions, and have traceability to ease your ISO, SOC2, PCI, CMMI and other compliance standards.

Your simple HR solution

MyLenio provides an easy and simple approach to manage your HR requirements and employee needs. Creating the go-to place for all of your team to find the information they need.


  • Vacation Requests
  • Benefits
  • Team Recognitions
  • Company Announcements
  • Employee Handbook


  • Inventory
  • Automatic Permissions
  • Compliance Dashboards
  • Risk Management
  • Recurring Flows

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