Our Story

Find out how MyLenio was born and why it can help to organize your Company.

Why did we start?

Like most small companies, things start really small with an idea and a small team of fewer than 10 people. Without doing much planning, things start to grow, and after a few years, if you were lucky enough, you might end up having a team of over 30, 50, 100, or more people to manage.

Often, this happens without the required planning, tools, or knowledge on how to do it. Things move so fast there's never time to stop and think way ahead.

Over time, this becomes a big problem for any company, with everyone doing things in Excel, not having an organized Directory of People, no properly defined processes, everyone doing things in many different systems, and so on...

In our Company (Leniolabs), we faced all these issues. On top of that, we had to start the process of a Compliance certification for SOC-II. This has become a must-have in any industry if you want to work with Top Companies because they will require some Compliance.

Why we Started?

Our Solution

This forced us to look for a solution that would help us organize the company, provide Training to the team, sign documents, and model your processes between other features.

What we found is that no platform can help us solve all these things. We were forced with having to hire a lot of small tools to do a certain thing. One application to Sign Documents, another SaaS applications to do Training, another app to handle the HR requirements, but nothing integrated. On top of that, the cost of getting all these applications is usually impossible to afford for small businesses.

Because of this, and since we're a company of talented developers and UX designers, we decided to build our own solution and doing something that our team would love to use.

Our Solution MyLenio

Evolution into a Product

We first started the application to sign documents using eSignature, provide training to the team, and assign different tasks, all this while connecting our gSuite Directory to have all the Team in a single place.

After that, we immediately noticed that our Team LOVED to use the application, and we were on the right track. We added a module to map and define the company's processes (Flows), and we built the Recruitment tools that we needed.

After a while, we discover our biggest feature was missing, and it was organizing our Teams and their requirements. With this, we developed our Core module of Automatic permissions, where you can connect all of your SaaS applications, and MyLenio will provide permissions to every member of the Team Automatically.

Over time, we kept improving and adding more features, like Inventory Tracking, Announcements, Recognitions, and more SaaS applications. At this point, we knew we had to make this a product.

Evolution into a Product MyLenio

Meet MyLenio

And here we are, MyLenio is live, and several companies are using it to Organize their Companies.

We want to become the best platform to Organize your Company. If you want to work with the best, you need to be organized internally like the best.

MyLenio provides a set of tool that is usually only available for the Enterprise (like Automatic Permissions) to make your Company thrive without losing your Small Company Identity.

We want to keep improving our Platform, growing every day with our customers, to provide the best experience possible for you and your Team.

Meet MyLenio

Who is behind MyLenio

Leniolabs is a Software Development company based in the US, with offices in Argentina, Chile, and Spain. We specialize in Frontend and Product development.

The team at Leniolabs is now over 150 people, and we run everything using MyLenio. If you want to know more, visit us at leniolabs.

Who is Behind MyLenio, Leniolabs

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