The Best Tool and Way to Perform Effective Onboarding Processes

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Paloma Velasco · 3 min read

In this webinar in collaboration with Pitchgound our growth manager Ines Guerra, talks about the great challenge that she puts for companies, and even more for development and technology companies, the hiring and onboarding in remote onboarding tech jobs.

You must have onboarding software tool that facilitate and ensure an efficient and powerful onboarding process.

Why is the onboarding process a very important step?

  1. Key on retention. Avoid rotation
  2. Only one chance to make first impression
  3. Keep the initial energy

The onboarding process is the first step in the working life of your new team member. How well this process is done depends on the first impression you make, how stable your company is, and whether it has enough tools to get the job started as soon as possible.

From the moment a new employee joins the company, it takes a few days until they are registered with their corporate email in all the tools and platforms; this can create confusion and delay the start of their tasks. With an onboarding software and User Provisioning tool, access to all tools is granted with a single click. In the most secure and efficient way.

The steps for an onboarding to be effective, complete and useful for the new employee in remote onboarding tech jobs.

  • 1 → All details: Meet the person
  • 2 → A platform where have all the info and announcements board
  • 3 → A meeting point : a hundle

A good remote onboarding technology working tool for onboarding that is not only an action on the day of onboarding, but goes beyond that and accompanies the new employee during the entire onboarding stage, will guarantee efficient work and avoid a lot of wasted time.

With this tool, you will have from your workplace all the information about the people you work with. That when the company is remote, this task can become difficult.

In addition, you will be able to have one or several informative channels and bulletin boards where team managers can make general announcements.

It also facilitates communication between the HR department and employees, and between colleagues, with a quick option in the same tool where you can make calls and videoconferences instantly.

How MyLenio will help make this process successful

Proving a set of features: 100% admin focus, with the aim to make easier employee working life.

Mylenio gives you the ability to easily manage and automate your SAAS apps and permissions. Organize your company in teams, connect your SaaS apps and automate your permissions. Manage all of your SaaS users and resources from one single place.

Stop wasting time and money managing and configuring your SaaS applications.

MyLenio is your assistant, making it simple to grow and scale your business. The perfect onboarding software for your company. Let us assist you in managing and configuring your Saas applications.

Benefits of using MyLenio in the onboarding process

-Faster process

-Reduce 99% of the onboarding friction: where can I …? Where should I ….?

-Create your teams, add your members and give them roles. MyLenio will provide all these permissions automatically for you.

-You can also configure which Saas application should be available for each team member. MyLenio will create and remove those users for you.

-Connect your Slack, gSuite, Office 365, Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Trello. And many more integrations with one clic

This and much more using a User Provisioning tool.

If you have any questions left, feel free to ask questions, we have a support team that can guide you through every step of the process and gives you tips on how to troubleshoot within MyLenio and the integrated SaaS. You will also have a dedicated Slack channel.

If you don't know our tool yet, don't hesitate and try it free for 30 days with our free trial.

And if you are interested, book a Demo with one of our sales teams guys and get to know the product first hand.

Thanks for reading us, and we hope to see you soon!

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