How to stay organized at work? Best project management software: Asana

The best project management software: Asana

Ines Guerra · 3 min read

As we already announced last week in MyLenio, we offer a new integration; Asana, the ultimate project, and team manager.

How to stay organized at work? The best project management software, Asana, is the most chosen project software by technology companies to manage processes.

Today we will dive deep into the tool and show you the different functionalities we find in the most popular project management software for startups.

One of the advantages Asana presents is that you can visualize your projects and tasks in multiple views. Let's look at how you can leverage Asana to plan your company's work.


Asana boards allow you to organize tasks in an easy-to-use columnar interface. Tasks are presented as sticky notes and can be moved between columns depending on the status of each task. You can customize column names and move tasks accordingly as the project progresses.

Task lists

Lists are like to-do lists that show teammates which tasks they are responsible for, which to prioritize first and their due dates. Tasks can be filtered by due dates, priority, or task assignee.


The timeline view is like a Gantt chart that gives you a high-level view of your entire project. It takes the list view one step further and allows you to visualize deadlines to avoid bottlenecks and overlapping tasks. Your team will never miss a deadline again.


Like timelines, the calendar view lets you see the big picture. You can keep an eye on deadlines, milestones, and task responsibilities. It also allows you to switch between task categories and filter by task characteristics depending on what you want to see.


The files view is a collection of any files related to your projects. You can have all your important documents, images, and files in one place for easy finding—no more emailing files and losing track of your essential documents.

Now that you understand the features of Asana project management software, we can move on to the next step:

 Setting up an Asana project.

Setting up projects with Asana is relatively easy and quick. You can create a project and start marking tasks in no time.