Webinar - Wizard & New Features Overview


Martin Capeletto ·

Webinar on 8/17/2020 explaining all the new cool features for our new release. 

Check all the new things MyLenio provides now and how to use them! 

  • MyLenio Wizard to quickly configure your tenant for the first time!
  • Flows can now be assigned as resources to give permissions on who can initiate the flows 
  • Calendar Events can now be created as team resources and configured for each role
  • Documents in frontend can now be grouped into categories
  • Allow tenants to reset and change passwords for the users
  • Allow different training % passing for each training
  • Flows approval is now done without refreshing the page (missing in assignments)
  • Flow can now be configured as “Autostart” to avoid going to the draft mode
  • Rejected Vacation Request can now be re-submitted by employees without having to create a new one
  • Added Cost Center and Department mapping to Users to be configurable in MyLenio
  • Added new sort options in Admin -> Users for birthday ASC/DESC and Anniversary in the company
  • Notifications now are sent when Vacation Request or other Requests types are rejected
  • Bulk import is now available for Inventory
  • Candidates added the ability to filter by the assigned recruiter
  • Added reasons to leave the company to edit Users
  • Pending Approval Sidebar: added “Show user requests” link and creation date
  • We now remove team flows when a role is removed
  • We now show the First item not done expanded in Team Status / Onboarding

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