MyLenio Webinar - 1/11/2021 - First Steps in MyLenio #1

Author: Martin Capeletto

Webinar on 1/11/2021 explaining the first steps in MyLenio. This is the first chapter of a series that we will be doing on how to configure things at MyLenio.

Check it on our site or view it directly on MyLenio Webinar on YouTube

On this one we covered:

  • Creating a new Free Trial account
  • Configure your company message and branding
  • Connecting gSuite and reviewing why it's good to connect a directory
  • Invite your first teams to MyLenio
  • Create your First Team
  • We created our first Task to have everyone update their profile information every 6 months. This task is assigned to all the company and it's automatically recurring every 6 months.
  • We configured announcements to be added to the dashboard.
  • We configured Helpful Links on the Dashboard

In the next chapter, we will go over connecting Docusign, sending Training, creating benefits, and doing recognitions!

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