Webinar - New Features Overview


Martin Capeletto · 3 min read

Webinar on 11/24/2020 explaining all the new cool features for our new release. Check all the new things MyLenio provides now and how to use them!

Check it on our site or view it directly on MyLenio Webinar on YouTube

  • Open Positions + Recruiting Module
    - Open Positions
    - Candidates
    - Offers

  • Welcome Package
    - In Company Setting, set default emails: Message login email, Message first-day email
    - Go to Settings set Data Mapping to review that all data mapping is properly working
    - Onboarding questions
  • Create users directly in Google from MyLenio
  • Edit user information directly from MyLenio
  • External Users able to log into MyLenio
  • Slack Integration
    - Permissions
    - Bot notifications
    - Bot interaction

  • Requests with multiple steps in Holiday Request + Other Requests
  • Manager assignment in MyLenio
  • Custom Apps to create custom assets
  • Improved performance in Assignments when having more than 100 items
  • Added a button to check all boxes in Admin / Users / Export for faster selection
  • National Holidays in a dashboard, new UI for multiple countries
  • Allow editing Vacations from Admins / Users / Vacation directly
  • A lot of smaller issues, bug fixes, etc

This is the first webinar in our series of webinars that we will be doing every 2 weeks. We will be covering all the topics our customers wants to know in more detail. Those would be between 40 minutes and 1 hour and anyone can register to participate. Please contact support@mylenio.com if you want to be added to the Webinar list!

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