How to stay organized at work: Asana project management software

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Hello everyone!

We are going to ask you a question that is becoming more and more important in the working world:

How to stay organized at work?

 A project management software for startups is the solution, why?

The concern is increasing in companies where remote work, and the changes experienced in recent years have shaken the ideals of traditional business.

Keeping a company, projects, and teams organized is undoubtedly one of today's biggest challenges.

Today we will talk about Asana, one of the most popular projects management software currently available on the market. The robust work management platform serves your teams to stay focused on daily goals, projects, and tasks as they grow and scale your business.

And the good news is that we have started integrating Asana into our software to continue offering the best tools to help make your company more efficient.

Why have we decided to integrate Asana?

Because it is the best software to organize your work, Asana allows you to plan and structure your work in the best way. It allows you to easily set priorities and deadlines, share details and assign tasks in one place. A enterprise project management software full of options and time-saving features that will help you to improve team and project management

One feature we love is that it allows you to track projects and tasks at every stage, know where the work is and keep the team aligned with goals.

To help you meet deadlines, Asana allows you to create visual project plans to see how each step is mapped out over time. With it, it's much easier to identify risks and eliminate obstacles even when plans change.

What is Asana for?

The primary function is a project and task management that facilitates collaboration and team communication. Asana helps you create projects and tasks within those projects. It also allows you to add your teammates to tasks and projects; you can add them as task followers, share projects with them or mention them in task comments to keep the whole team informed and updated as needed.

Another advantage of Asana is that it eliminates using email to communicate about projects. It allows you to share notes on task descriptions and upload attachments to tasks. Combine related functions with one click, organize tasks by priority, set your workflow, receive notifications on task updates and completions, add due task dates, add followers to tasks and add hearts to functions to show gratitude.

Why you must choose an enterprise project management software

Because the trend in the market is for companies, especially technology companies, to choose an enterprise project management software, this tool offers a wide range of exciting functions for project management and teamwork.

-Add assignees, attachments, and hearts to tasks.

-Automatic email updates

-Create custom calendars and views

-Email bridge

-List my tasks and focus mode

-Track tasks and add followers

-Receive notifications and notifications to tasks

-Receive notifications and reminders -Receive notifications and reminders

-Multiple workspaces

Role-based authorizations

-Drag and drop functionality

-Project sections and search views

-Real-time updates

-View tasks and priorities of team members

-Set goals, priorities, and deadlines

-Set project permissions

-Create projects and tasks

-Commenting tasks

-Task dependencies

Project management software features: Asana features

Asana includes several handy features for project management and teamwork. From MyLenio we already have available the project management block and in the coming weeks we will introduce the team management functionality.

 The main ones are mentioned below:

1. Project creation

The best way to attack enormous responsibilities is to divide them into classified projects. Therefore, this tool allows you to host workspaces dedicated to a specific project, within which it is possible to create tasks and subtasks separated by order of priority or execution, clearly designating those responsible for the work in each phase.

2. Creation of dashboards

Through the dashboards, Asana offers complete visualization of the phases of the overall project, which allows you to always have "at a glance" the status of each of the activities to be performed, in progress, or officially completed.

These dashboards play a vital role in monitoring the fulfillment of activities within the time and work frameworks previously defined, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the production flow.

3. Creating timelines

Asana includes the possibility of creating schedules to assign the time frames that must be followed when carrying out specific tasks and projects, formalizing and putting the members in agreement on the dates and times of delivery for each task.

4. Creation of calendars

With the help of Asana's calendar functionalities, you will be able to get an overview of your responsibilities, commitments, and timely reminders of your individual and team activities.

5. Information integration

Suppose you are going to use Asana as a tool for centralizing the resources needed to tackle specific tasks or projects. In that case, the tool allows you to register these types of resources (e.g., emails, files, texts, etc.) so that you have everything at your fingertips when starting a productive work day.

This feature is handy if you share the tool with a team and want to save time in locating all the information and elements needed to work on a project by storing most of the details in one place.

6. Integration with other applications

Asana connects easily with other applications popularly used by remote work teams or freelancers who want to organize their online workspaces optimally.

For example, tools such as the email you possibly use, Slack, Jira, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub, Trello, among many others, can connect with Asana and merge purposes from a shared space.

7. Possibility of scheduling reminders

As mentioned in the previous point, Asana is easily integrated with various applications that today are an essential part of the work of many people, especially email and Slack.

Therefore, it allows you to connect the tool and schedule reminders that will periodically notify you about the activity for which you have been designated responsible, the tasks of others that you must monitor, and daily delivery alerts, among other options that will make you not leave everything in the hands of your memory. 

And so far, for today, we will continue to show you more features and news of Asana, the ultimate project management software for startups for your company.

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