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As as we mentioned in the previous post, the Startup business model has experienced exponential growth in recent years.

The business landscape has evolved and these small companies have maximized technological development.

One of the problems faced by Startups is that competition is high, and if the solution or tool they present does not offer a high value product, and with better features than its competitors, it will be a matter of time before it leaves the market without success.

So we pose a question to all those who run Startups

Are you willing to maximize the efficiency and authenticity of your startup business?

If the answer is yes, the Lifeteam Deal SaaS platform is your solution.

Today we will talk about one of the best lifetime deal platforms. That offers many SaaS Deal to implement in your company and be more efficient

PitchGround is mainly suitable for digital marketing companies, SaaS, software development companies or even solo entrepreneurs. Apart from the amazing deals on the best tools and software, PitchGround also offers countless free educational resources and content through webinars, blog posts, podcasts, videos, etc., which can help them improve their efficiency.

As we know, it is very important to have software and tools to help you in the processes of onboarding, team management, marketing, development of your company. PitchGround is one of the most well-known platforms that is widely used around the world to maximize the value of the startup industry.

For marketers and influencers PitchGround offers many advantages. 

It does not require any prior knowledge about tech, offers tools and solutions of all kinds and well to go from the very beginning. That's why this kind of platforms are key for Startups starting from scratch, due to its user friendly accessibility.

In today's business scenario it is all about day to day, being updated and offering the best solutions, that's why many people, CEO's of Startups turn to tools like PitchGround that helps them with following all kinds of solutions at the best price.

This kind of tool not only benefit the users who buy the tools to implement them in their business. It is also a great and useful platform for SaaS solution providers who want to grow their user and customer base. Pitchgound offers the developers of these apps a platform where they can reach the audience they are most interested in and that belongs to the specific industry.

But it's not all good things, these platforms present doubts to users who often don't believe that the deals are for life. Therefore, to the question

Are Lifetime Deal SaaS one-time payment tools?

Yes, it is a one-time payment.

A true lifetime deal implies a one-time payment and lifetime access, and the main Lifetime Deal SaaS platforms offer exactly that.

However, sometimes what is offered are lifetime deals that only offer access for one year or for a certain amount of usage.

You will be able to distinguish them because it is stipulated in the conditions. Therefore you can decide if the deal is attractive enough for you or not.

In the LTD community these offers are not very well seen, but depending on the software and what you need, they can also be a good opportunity. Because sometimes they are very expensive software or with very complete functionalities, and one year is a great effort for the tool, and after that time you will have to pay for its use.

Another question that users ask themselves before getting a LifeTime Deal tool is

Why is this apparently very useful tool being sold so cheaply?

The question leads to doubts and insecurity at the time of purchase, the answer is quite simple: some software and web application providers are at an early stage of their development and need to attract as many users as possible. Sometimes they don't even make money out of it, as the main goal is to receive valuable feedback from real users, and to test the tool with the daily use of many users.

So how do they achieve this?

This is where Lifetime Deal SaaS platforms come in. The deals offered by these websites are nothing more than promotional offers that are conducted in cooperation with such novice vendors and web application providers. Of course, these websites get a significant commission, but they also offer access to huge lists of software vendors' subscribers, while making cheaper software available to you. So essentially, platforms like PitchGround offer a win-win situation.

Why of all the Lifetime Deal SaaS platforms we recommend PitchGround?

First of all because we at MyLenio have used and worked with them and it is a transparent platform, with a great team working behind and improving every day to offer the best tools for their followers and become a leader in the market thanks to the daily trust of their customers.

Pitchground  was born with a unique approach: to attract an enthusiastic community of software fanatics to service the market, to offer a good product in an easy to use platform. The best part is that users will receive essential financial support to start a new project, as well as specialized technical support in the area.

What is the history of PitchGround?

Its founders are Arron Moss, a native of Oregon, USA, and Udit Goenka from India, experts in the market.

At a very young age, Goenka started marketing his services as a web designer within the freelancer world. The beginnings were not easy, at that time, he did not have many clients, nor much knowledge, he had to work hard to get business partnerships and gradually clients.

During his freelance stage, he met important people, but, in addition, he introduced himself to the crowd in his business partner and best friend, Oscar Hernandez. An essential person in Goenka's life, with whom she still continues to acquire information and new projects. Hernandez, has influenced two major concepts in his life:

1. Be in constant learning. If an entrepreneur wants to stop learning about his business, this will only lead to failure. The key to success is to grow while learning at every step.

2. When something is mastered, it is easier to achieve better results and extraordinary effects. 

Gradually the passion and effort of these guys focused on SEO, a point that helped him to improve as a professional.

The good mastery of SEO has helped to build web hosting brands, producing many sales that allowed them to buy efficient servers for blogging, e-commerce, SEO tools and more niches. And then their businesses started to grow and bill millions of dollars in profits.

The key to success was simple, following rigorous schedules, doing good research gathering and finally, sharing that information with SEO passionate people around the world.

And from all that experience, the PitchGround platform was born.

A platform that exists to help creators, agencies, startups, solo entrepreneurs and companies grow their online business with the help of software and focus.

With new tools being released every week, the offer users receive on a regular basis is very varied, with tools for all needs and functionalities. In addition, having a consolidated platform like PitchGround gives confidence and security to its customers, who know that all tools have passed PG's filter.

PG is committed to free education and therefore offers affordable and easily accessible software.

When you combine the two, it creates a wealth of opportunities for everyone.

To make a real impact, the team behind PitchGround has managed to approach the platform from an education-first vision to educate online businesses and help them with affordable software solutions. Because previously this could be very expensive and otherwise unattainable for small startups, and it didn't achieve the goals.

That's why the Lifetime Deal platform SaaS, and in this case PitchGround, provides the platform to create commercial links between tools and companies creating benefits for both parties.

Because the first step for a solution and a tool to work is to have a niche market, to be known and to have real users with real needs and real problems.

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