The Best Lifetime Deals SaaS and SaaS Tools in PitchGround

Paloma Velasco ยท 6 min read

At Mylenio, we are celebrating this week!

We have launched our product in PG with an unbeatable Lifetime deal SaaS offer.

PG is one of the most popular SaaS deals platforms at the moment.

Their lifetime deals for SaaS tools are attractive for small startups and technology development companies.

Here is the link to the website to find this week's releases.

In addition to MyLenio, PG has launched 4 other SaaS tools. They are very useful and cover all kinds of needs that your company may have.

Let's talk about them below:

WhatsApp Widget by ChatWithIO:

A SaaS tool that market & sell your product/services via WhatsApp. Which gives you tools such as the ability to generate leads, market, sell, collect payments, collect credit card payments, send polls, automate bookings, and do much more. With WhatsApp Widget utilize WhatsApp to its full potential for sales and marketing in your business.