Webinar - First Steps in MyLenio #2


Martin Capeletto · 2 min read

Webinar on 1/25/2021 explaining the first steps in MyLenio. This is the second chapter of a series that we will be doing on how to configure things at MyLenio.

Check it on our site or view it directly on MyLenio Webinar on YouTube

On this one we covered:

  • Show new Courses section in MyLenio where you can learn everything about MyLenio with our videos
  • Give recognitions to employees and teams
  • Send your first Document using Manual Signatures and a brief overview of Docusign
  • Send your first Training using Google Slides and Google Forms
  • Show the compliance dashboard to keep track of the progress of all tasks, documents, and training
  • Create your first inventory units to track computers, phones, etc
  • Create an onboarding flow for the onboarding of your new employees.

In the next chapter, we will go over connecting Docusign, Slack, Bitbucket, and some other cool features!

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