Organization is the key to success and time optimization

Paloma Velasco · 6 min read

We ended last week with a piece of news that has "revolutionized" the labor scene. The Netherlands approves remote work as a right.

This new law opens the debate on how teleworking has been implemented in our society and its benefits and consequences.

At MyLenio, remote work is neither a novelty nor a modality that arose due to the pandemic. It is true that after COVID-19, many companies have offered this modality of work, but few companies have dared to implement it or maintain it as a right.

The panorama changes depending on the type of company and the sector in which it operates.

Here, technology companies have always been in the lead.

Before the pandemic, some technology companies were already implementing this type of work method in their teams of developers, designers, etc.

But what were the advantages of implementing these measures?

-An economic reasons, the money saved in renting or buying offices could be invested in people, more qualified teams, and labor excellence.

-Offering this modality provides the opportunity to hire people from all over the world, without distance being a barrier.

But it is challenging to coordinate a remote team in different parts of the world and grow and scale by the week.

That is why when these companies started to offer this way of working, they also worked on improving tools and operating the software.

Thus, tools such as MyLenio emerged that automate permissions, provision users, and integrate all kinds of external and internal organizations that facilitate remote work, bring teams closer together, maintain security and validate processes.

But in a small company, the organization is the key to success and time optimization, so task managers have become a "must" for companies, even more so if these companies have teleworking mode.

Asana, as discussed in the last posts, is a tool that provides the best features that a task and team management software can offer.

But what does Asana offer? With Asana, managing your team and tasks will be easy, and you will get the most out of it.

Why is work management key to remote team collaboration?

In the aftermath of the pandemic, problems and situations never seen before arose in the workplace, with remote workers swimming in confusion and trying to keep up. To move from chaos to a future where teams thrived, created tools to coordinate and collaborate on work effortlessly.

Faced with a problem: when teams are unclear about who is doing what, when and why they are doing it, and so make slow progress, miss deadlines and fail to achieve their goals.

Collaboration and task management tools have become the key to success for many companies, which is why companies in all sectors prioritize them and why part of their IT budget is directed towards having the best and most efficient tools.

"Collaboration" is a broad term that encompasses various applications. It is often associated with project management tools. But, around the world, leading organizations realize that traditional project management tools that only address isolated projects and functions are not enough to get the most out of them.

Improving work management

The new needs that remote work has created include systems that enable teams to coordinate interdependent work, projects, and processes to drive efficient collaboration.

In addition, this system must be built around a core of security and compliance.

It needs the employees' trust to keep their data secure and the company to keep its data safe. Meeting requirements, certifications, and compliance also enter the top of the list of things companies want to have under control. It also needs to be scalable so that it can be easily integrated into the workflows of various groups, from sales to development.

This must build the system around a security, governance, and compliance core.

Asana found the "pain" that many companies suffer from, and research revealed that knowledge workers spend 60% of their time:

  1. Checking email.
  2. Searching for the latest business plan.
  3. Responding to pings or writing status reports.

These are the challenges that a work management tool aims to address: reducing duplicate work and automating routine processes and status tracking to ensure that nothing becomes obsolete. Work management tools also clarify the plan (who does what and when) and its purpose (why it is essential and how it aligns with business objectives). This makes it easier for teams and individuals to focus and see how the pieces fit together.

But the best part is that the benefits are seen-86%. Knowledge workers say that work management platforms improve clarity and reduce the inefficiency of repetitive tasks.

Asana helps companies refocus on deep work, reducing distractions and that "double check."

5 pillars on which ASANA centers its way of organizing communication at work.

1. Smooth communication

Use "free to use" projects to replace chats and one-off ideas.

Asana offers a function where you can have your project and host brainstorming, conversations, and spontaneous input:

2. Team is always up to date

Keep your team informed with status updates and conversation threads.

Keeping your team informed about your work is challenging; the solution is status updates and conversation threads.

With status updates, you can have a single channel and way to update your team on the progress of your project. To ensure your unit stays aligned every week, you can set a reminder for Asana to notify you to send a status update every Friday.

3. Context

Provide context with conversations and comments

When working remotely, try to give as much context to situations, tasks, comments, etc., as possible. Whether the primary means of communication with your team are emails, Slack messages, Asana tasks, or any other means, remote workers need to have an exciting way to work and provide context to work being done.

Asana offers a way to add a comment when you mark a task as "completed."

This will make it easier to let the team know if they need to perform other tasks or provide all the necessary context so that your team is always informed, such as letting them know if a bug has been fixed.

4. Organize the work

Work with custom fields

When you start a project, you create a section for it. Custom fields are the best way to control the work and help other colleagues know, from anywhere, the job you are doing, just with a glance. Respecting deadlines, specifying priority, and determining the workload size are features you get when you use Asana for your projects.

Another point that worries managers and that Asana solves is to clarify how communication between you and your team will take place in the work environment. It is essential to be transparent with your team, have weekly meetings where the objectives and points to be discussed are clear, and get to the vital things.

So have a personalized field with the meeting site to ensure you have the correct video conference link".

5. Accessibility vs. Availability

Balancing Accessibility and Availability

Another challenge of remote work is finding a balance between your schedule and the feeling of being "always on."

A task manager not only facilitates and improves processes to make your tasks more efficient, but it also offers functionalities for people to meet their schedules and not get overloaded with work.

When you work remotely, establishing a structure for work organization is essential. That's why Asana offers the option "absent," with which your contacts can access you, send you documents, etc., but they will know that you are not available to respond to them at the moment.

Asana and task managers will provide your company with the tools to perform tasks efficiently, structurally, and collaboratively.

In Mylenio, our user provisioning software, and integrating your tools in your organization, you can incorporate collaborative tools such as Asana.

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