Webinar - Automatic SaaS Permissions


Martin Capeletto · 2 min read

Webinar on 12/16/2020 explaining everything about how to provide Automatic Permissions for your SaaS resources like Jira, Bitbucket, GitHub, Trello, gSuite, Office 365, etc. 

Check it on our site or view it directly on MyLenio Webinar on YouTube

Teams for Admins: Automatic Permissions!

MyLenio allows you to create Teams, Assign Roles, and provide automatic permissions to your SaaS Applications. You can also add Documents, Training, and Tasks!

Configure your Teams

  • Teams are the Core of MyLenio. We believe everything in a Company is organized as a Team
  • You can assign Roles and Users to a Team
  • You can assign SaaS Resources for Automatic Permissions
  • You can also assign Documents, Training, Tasks, and Flows that they need to perform
  • Every time you add someone to a Team, they will automatically receive all of your SaaS stack permissions.
  • They will also get assigned their Documents, Training, and Tasks to perform automatically.
  • Automate your Company and Scale

Set your Roles and Members

  • You can set any Roles for your Teams
  • You can then assign People to each of your Roles
  • An Org-Chart will be created showing the relation of those users
  • Have a real-time map of all of your teams in the company and how everything is organized!

Set your SaaS Resources

  • You can add as many Resources from any of your SaaS Applications to a Team
  • Set what repository people will be using
  • Create a Jira Board for them, directly from MyLenio
  • Create an assign Slack Channels, etc
  • You can then define what roles the users will have on each of those SaaS Applications
  • MyLenio then takes care of providing all permission automatically
  • No More giving access to people. Save Time!

Set your Documents, Training, Tasks and Flows

  • Set what Documents people will need to sign when they join each team
  • Assign Training that people will need to complete after joining
  • Assign Tasks and Flows they need to perform because they belong to a team
  • This allows you to configure multiple teams in the company and automate exactly what people need to do
  • Forget about sending anything manually. Automate your Processes!

MyLenio takes care from here!

  • Once you publish your team, you're done.
  • MyLenio will provide permissions to everyone in your SaaS applications.
  • It will assign all Documents, Training, Tasks, and Flows to each user
  • It will follow up with them to make sure they complete everything they have assigned.
  • Whenever you add a new member or remove one, MyLenio will take care of all the permissions again, without you having to do anything.
  • Automate your Company with MyLenio!

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