Automated User Provisioning tools; benefits & how MyLenio can help you

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User Provisioning applications have revolutionized the enterprise technology industry.

The use of active directory user provisioning tools has made it easier for users to connect to the network resources they need to do their work more securely and efficiently.

In MyLenio, we have the best automated user provisioning solution for your company, in a simple, intuitive and secure way we offer your company an active directory user provisioning tool through an API with endpoints.

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An All-In-One Platform That Allows Easy Management And Automation Of Your SaaS Apps And Permissions.

MyLenio is the tool that helps companies scale while staying organized.

Keep SaaS management simple and organized without investing significant time and resources.

Provide Team Permissions to your SaaS resources automatically. Create, edit and remove any SaaS resource from MyLenio. Automatically create User Accounts from a single place.

Alternative to: Okta, Jumpcloud, Rippling, Onelogin, Blissfully.

Organize your Teams, Automate Permissions, User Provisioning, and Manage your Resources & various Saas Integrations.

Best for SMBs, Enterprises, Development Agencies, and Agencies.

Organize Your Teams

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage app permissions for all of your employees. Therefore, you need a way to give each employee access to the specific apps and data they need without giving them access to everything.

Managing app permissions can be a real pain.

It's hard to track who needs access to what, and you don't want to give employees too much access, or they might start messing with things they shouldn't.

MyLenio is the solution to your app permission woes. With MyLenio's easy-to-use platform, you can assign specific apps and data sets to each team role, so employees have exactly what they need without having access to everything

Automated Permission Settings

Managing permissions for SaaS applications is a pain and can quickly become overwhelming.

You know you need to give your team access to the right resources, but it's hard to track who needs what and when. And if someone leaves the company, you have to go through revoking their access all over again.

MyLenio's automated permission settings take care of everything for you.

It'll automatically assign permissions to your SaaS resources based on your team's needs. So you can focus on what you're good at - running your business - and leave the permissions management to MyLenio.

User Provisioning

Managing user provisioning to Saas applications is a pain, especially when you have team members that come and go.

It's hard enough to keep track of passwords, but you also have to add and remove users from your Saas applications?

You could be paying for an additional user license for the SaaS without realizing burning your cash flow.

MyLenio takes the hassle out of managing user access.

It creates and removes users for you to focus on your business. Plus, MyLenio offers a variety of plans to fit your needs so you can get the most out of your Saas applications.

Manage your Resources

Juggling multiple SaaS accounts can be a pain, especially when you need to make changes to one of them.

It's hard enough to keep track of your passwords and login information, but remembering which account has which resource is enough to make anyone pull their hair out.

MyLenio helps you manage your resources.

With MyLenio's easy-to-use platform, you can manage all of your resources from one place.

Plus, MyLenio's team constantly updates their app with the latest integration, so you never have to worry about missing a beat.

SaaS Integration MyLenio Offers:

Google Workspace (..and G Suite)

Office 365







Keeper Security

MyLenio is constantly adding new integrations based on user feedback.

Case Studies For MyLenio

Vasalto: They use MyLenio's three features: Teams, HR, and Compliance. Vasalto has 146 users and 11 teams with over 1432 tasks assigned.

BlackBox Vision: They use MyLenio's HR and Teams features. They have 22 teams (divided by projects) with over 94 tasks assigned.

Extendit: They use MyLeio's three features: Teams, HR, and Compliance. They have 61 users. Six teams (divided by provinces) with over 117 tasks Assigned.

Strata Analytics: They use MyLenio's three features: Teams, HR, and Compliance. They have 42 users. Twenty teams (divided by projects) with over 150 tasks Assigned.

Why are businesses choosing MyLenio over the rest:

Keep SaaS management simple and organized without investing a heavy amount of time and resources, so you can focus on what matters.

Manage all your SaaS resources from a single place and from your active directory user provisioning tool.

Easily create, edit and remove any resource from any of your SaaS.

It helps you save money on unnecessary seats.

Now is your chance to take control of your business by managing all the permission under one roof. MyLenio is the fastest way to organize your team, to implement user provisioning & set up permissions.

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