How to scaling in Software Development Industry?

The future is in the automation of permissions

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Why are tech companies growing and developing so much?

The technology industry, specifically the software development industry, has undergone significant changes and advances since the beginning of the century.

Scaling, providing the best solutions, and being a reference company in the sector is the goal of many companies, startups, and organizations that go to the market every year.

There is so much competition in the technology sector that we must be clear about our product's objectives and added value.

Companies must take note of new trends in the software productivity space and adjust accordingly to meet growing market expectations. The future is uncertain, and recent global events have taught us that we must be prepared for the unexpected. Key trends, especially in remote work, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and outsourcing, need to be taken into account, and technology companies are leading the way in almost all of them.

What characterizes these types of companies and makes them scale so fast?

Technology companies mainly focus on developing and manufacturing products or providing technology as a service. There is a lot of competition in the sector, so their differential value is to offer the most updated and innovative service or product that provides the best competitive advantages.

The main objective is scaling fast but simultaneously consolidating in the market and creating a network of contacts and users who need the product or service.

Almost all technology companies share common characteristics that make the performance of their equipment and processes more efficient and scalable.

These are:

Remote working

Having the best team without geographical limits or distances, freedom, and the ability to operate from anywhere is an advantage in the future of software development. After the pandemic, the growth of remote work among developers accelerated, they have all the tools to work efficiently on their computers, and applications such as Slack make them like in an "office" but virtual. And with task managers such as Asana, Jira, etc., they can share projects, distribute tasks, etc..,

Always Innovations associated

Constantly innovating, this is the "claim" in the world of development and technologies. If you consider that you have a good product and stop innovating and betting on its constant evolution, your competition may surpass your product or service.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming strong for the next few years, especially in software development. Integrating AI into existing technologies will provide a powerful platform for better decision-making, improved outcomes, efficiency, automation, and an enhanced digital experience.

The adoption of AI will be accompanied by cloud computing. Cloud technologies will generally enable developers to extend systems and incorporate chatbots and cognitive services.

Cross-platform development

Not only will AI be one of the essential factors in the world of technologies, but cross-platform development will also increase in the coming years. This type of development is starting to happen more and more due to the challenges of "iOS-only," "Android-only," etc. development. Software development companies do not want to stay there and are increasingly exploring cross-platform development. With the help of innovative technologies, cross-platform development will be able to support different platforms with a single code base. Cross-platform development capabilities are of great economic importance, saving developers a substantial amount of time and resources.

Being cyber secure and compliance

The future of software development will see a significant increase in the changing demands of cybersecurity. Every company that works with technology and, at the same time, with customers has to be both compliant and compliant to have a niche in the market. Otherwise, it will be impossible to move forward. Moving to a digitally interconnected era means companies cannot ignore cybersecurity threats. Criminal activities in virtual space cost companies millions a year. Therefore, developers and customer software companies are forced to deviate from traditional cyber protection measures, such as firewalls and antivirus software, to rethink new forms of protection. Software development experts suggest implementing cybersecurity meshes during software development.


One of the most important keys and developments that are already being introduced but will increase even more in the coming years is automation. Automatic permissions that will offer more security in the processes and automate repetitive tasks in software development. In MyLenio, we have been offering this service since the beginning of our software launch. Because we know how important it is for a team of developers, the time spent assigning permissions and access to all the tools that new developers who enter the company or those who are already there and change projects need.

Rapid innovation 

Another trend that will be observed in the coming years is rapid innovation and prototyping. Software development is unpredictable, volatile, and very competitive. Individuals and companies in this industry must constantly innovate. As such, as 2022 approaches, software development companies will be forced to develop a culture of innovation by rewarding innovative employees accordingly and creating avenues for software development. Many companies will likely follow this trend: those that do not limit innovation will risk losing their competitive advantage.

Emerging trends indicate that the future of software development will undergo significant changes. The wide range of new technologies and innovations has substantial implications for software development. Software development companies must always look for improvement and innovation, starting with the simplest things and those that bring efficiency to their processes and less time wasted investing in what matters. Companies that choose to invest time, finances, and other resources to adjust to changing market expectations are the ones that will achieve and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

That's why we invite you to learn about the new way to manage your SaaS resources and automate them, to go far and be first.

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