Profile for Employees: One place for their Data

MyLenio provides a self-service for your Employee to modify their personal information, photo and track their connected SaaS Applications' status.

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Edit Profile for Employees

  • Each Employee will have their own screen where they can modify their Data.
  • See the status of each SaaS Account.
  • Edit personal email, phone, address, and emergency contact information
  • See the rest of their personal data available for them.
  • Edit their Work Experience, Courses, and Goals
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Edit Profile for Employees

Self-Service for Employee to keep their data up to date

Validate SaaS Accounts

  • MyLenio shows the status of each of their SaaS Accounts
  • The system will show the user if they need to update a photo on the App
  • If their username is not in compliance with your rules
  • Or validate if there's any problem with the Account
  • Reduce time by having your employees solve their own problems!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Validate SaaS Accounts

Display their Personal Data

  • Employees can visualize their existing Data in the Directory
  • This information is read-only, but they can keep track that everything is correct.
  • They can also choose to share their Birthday, Courses, Skill, and Goals with others!
  • Using this self-service, your Employees will be able to solve most of their typical problems.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Display their Personal Data

All files data be saved to your gSuite Drives

Skills, Courses and Goals

  • MyLenio allows users to add more information about them
  • Add the Skills / Technologies that they know
  • Ask your Employees for their Goals and keep everyone engaged
  • They can also provide a list of Courses they did so everyone can see this
  • Get more information from your Employees and keep it up to date!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Skills, Courses and Goals

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Profile Compliance Reporting

  • The system will show the user a warning when they have something to do
  • The system will also send them notifications for them to become Compliant
  • MyLenio takes care of having your people to perform the tasks they need to do
  • No more following everyone to try to get things done!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Profile Compliance Reporting

Icon showing an issue with their Profile

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  • Compliance Dashboards: 360 view of your whole Company. MyLenio has a dashboard to check everything you always wanted to know at a glance!
  • Employee Dashboard: MyLenio provides a Dashboard for each employee to see the latest announcements, recognitions, national holidays, who is on vacation, among other things!
  • Human Resources: MyLenio provides a robust set of tools to allow your HR team to perform their daily activities in an organized way. It also provides engagement tools for your employees, recruitment modules. HR People Love.
  • Teams: MyLenio lets you organize your employees in Teams. From each team, you'll be able to assign training, documents, and tasks for them to complete. Specify all SaaS resources that each team needs to perform their work and provide automatic permissions to all these teams. Model your teams, and let MyLenio take care of the heavy lifting for you.

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