Assignments Dashboard: Visualize everything you need to do

The Assignments Dashboard allows each person in your Company to visualize everything they need to do easily. Never miss or be late on another task.

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Visualize all pending things for each person

  • The Assignments Dashboard will show all of your pending things.
  • Review all of the pending or overdue tasks
  • Review all Holiday Requests
  • Review which Flow that you own is currently overdue
  • Be able to edit, approve, reject anything directly from this Dashboard
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Visualize all pending things for each person

Overdue Tasks in Assignments Dashboard

View all Flows that are not completed

  • The Assignments Dashboard will display all of the flows that you own that are overdue.
  • This means any flow where you're required to monitor that things get done will show here each time something is overdue.
  • Easily identify what steps and who is falling behind their work and be able to quickly correct course.
  • Never miss another deadline or have things lost in the process.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
View all Flows that are not completed


The same price for every business size.

  • All our SaaS Integrations included
  • No user limit
  • User Provisioning
  • Automatic Permissions
  • Easy to setup with 24/7 support
  • No hidden costs
  • Support for custom REST integrations

Review and approve Tasks and Holiday Requests

  • This dashboard will also show you the Tasks that you need to approve.
  • See all Holiday Request that requires your approval
  • You can execute everything you need from this dashboard without having to go to each page
  • 360 view of your whole assignments in a single screen
  • You'll also be notified weekly of all things that require your attention.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Review and approve Tasks and Holiday Requests

View and Approve Pending Tasks

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