Flows: Automate You Business Processes

Model and manage all your custom processes using flows. Allow users to manage entire flows or be in charge of individual steps.

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Model your Business Processes in detail

  • Model your business processes using flows.
  • Describe each step of your processes in detail.
  • Add due dates, assign responsible users to each part, and the whole flow.
  • Customize expected results of steps with Answers, file attachments, and let users have discussion threads.
  • Model processes that can fork into 2 or more paths using sub-flows.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Model your Business Processes in detail

Create your Own Flows!

Assign Flow Instances to get things done

  • Once you have a process modeled as a Flow, you can make as many instances of it as you want.
  • Let each step be assigned to the default users previously selected or override the default assignees as needed.
  • Follow the progress of each ongoing flow as steps get Done.
  • Get notifications when steps go overdue. They are marked as blocked or completed.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Assign Flow Instances to get things done

Follow each step of the Flow

Monitor the Progress of all your Instances

  • Get the big picture of your ongoing flow instances and track progress at a glance.
  • Search and filter specific instances according to assigned users, dates, or status.
  • Export Flow reports to printable format for briefings and audits.
  • Check the logs whenever you need to review the history of a specific sequence of events.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Monitor the Progress of all your Instances

Keep track of all of your pending things

Schedule your Work

  • Forget about 'I forgot to do it'!
  • Program recurring processes to be generated automatically every month, week, day, or a specific period.
  • Be as specific as you need. For example: trigger this flow "every other Tuesday."
  • Automate your Company!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Schedule your Work

Flexible Recurring Configurations

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