Compliance Dashboards: 360 view of your whole Company

360 view of your whole Company. MyLenio has a dashboard to check everything you always wanted to know at a glance!

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

360 view of your whole Company

  • MyLenio lets you see everything that's going on in your Company.
  • See how many Documents, Training, Tasks are not finished.
  • Track Requests, Employees without Contract and Technologies Used.
  • Everything you need to know in a single place.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
360 view of your whole Company

Graphs that shows who has anything missing

Know exactly what's missing

  • As your company grows, it's tough and time-consuming to keep track of everything.
  • MyLenio allows you to see who is missing something to do.
  • See who didn't sign a document or completed a Training.
  • See the status of all Documents, Tasks, or Training in a single Dashboard.
  • Let MyLenio do all the tracking and heavy lifting.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Know exactly what's missing

Track your SaaS Profile Compliance

  • MyLenio also tracks for each of your SaaS Applications the current status.
  • See which users don't have an account.
  • See if users comply with your naming conventions.
  • Track who doesn't have a photo in each of the services.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Track your SaaS Profile Compliance

Know who on your Team has a problem with a SaaS Account

Teams Compliance Dashboard

  • The Team Compliance Dashboard will show the status of each of your resources.
  • Know exactly who has access to each resource.
  • Know when someone has access to something they are not supposed to have.
  • See who is missing any access in any application at a glance.
  • See what resource is not in compliance with your naming conventions.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Teams Compliance Dashboard

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Recognitions Dashboard

  • See all Recognitions in this Dashboard.
  • See who is receiving more recognition.
  • Track the categories of recognitions that people use the most.
  • Keep track of what teams are getting more recognition in your Company.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Recognitions Dashboard

Other features you might be interested on

  • Assignments Dashboard: The Assignments Dashboard allows each person in your Company to visualize everything they need to do easily. Never miss or be late on another task.
  • Employee Dashboard: MyLenio provides a Dashboard for each employee to see the latest announcements, recognitions, national holidays, who is on vacation, among other things!
  • Compliance: MyLenio helps you comply with the best security standards like SOC2, HIPPA, PCI, ISO. Automatic Permissions by Resources. Flows to model your processes. 360 view of your whole company in one place!
  • 12 tools on how to Organize your Small Business : Learn some of the tricks we found on most of our Customers on how to properly organize your Company and how MyLenio can help you
  • SaaS Integrations: MyLenio lets you connect the most popular SaaS (Software as a service) applications to your Account. You'll be able to create resources on each application from a single place, provide automatic permissions to your team, and monitor that all of your resources are compliant.
  • Employee SAAS Accounts: MyLenio provides 360 views of each Employee SaaS Account. Easily identify who doesn't have an account or have the wrong profile!

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