Teams Permissions: Different levels per Role

MyLenio allows you to configure individual permissions for your teams in order for you to be able to provide access to different team features to different roles

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Configure individual permissions per Role

  • Be able to select different permissions to each role
  • Allow some roles to manage your teams
  • Configure each individual actions that each role can perform
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Configure individual permissions per Role

Limited view for non-admins

  • The person you assign permissions will only see the teams where he has permissions
  • He will only be able to perform the actions you configured
  • Provide a granular access control for total flexibility
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Limited view for non-admins

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  • Teams for Admins: MyLenio allows you to create Teams, Assign Roles, and provide automatic permissions to your SaaS Applications. You can also add Documents, Training, and Tasks!
  • How to provide automatic permissions and administrator permission for your SaaS Resources : Learn how MyLenio provide Permissions Automatically for all of your SaaS Resources without ever leaving MyLenio
  • Teams: MyLenio lets you organize your employees in Teams. From each team, you'll be able to assign training, documents, and tasks for them to complete. Specify all SaaS resources that each team needs to perform their work and provide automatic permissions to all these teams. Model your teams, and let MyLenio take care of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Company Resources: By connecting your SaaS applications, MyLenio will allow you to manage all of your resources in one place. Create, Modify, Give Permissions. Stay Compliant!

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