Recruitment - Open Positions

Manage all the open positions of your company from a centralized view.

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Centralized View

  • MyLenio provides a solid Recruitment Module.
  • See all your open positions at once.
  • Easily find positions by status. 
  • Order open positions by team/client.
  • Visually see which positions are due sooner.
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Centralized View

List of all your Open Positions

Create New Positions

  • Create new openings with a few clicks.
  • Clone an existing one and change only what you need.
  • Assign them to different recruiters.
  • Organize your Company!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Create New Positions

Candidates & Send Offers

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Candidates & Send Offers

Send Offers, Track Candidates, One Platform

Other features you might be interested on

  • Recruitment - Candidates: Candidate module to overview the recruitment and interview process with a detailed view of each possible applicant.
  • Recruitment - Send Offers: MyLenio has the ability to send job offers to candidates that have passed the recruitment process successfully and keep track of them.
  • 12 tools on how to Organize your Small Business : Learn some of the tricks we found on most of our Customers on how to properly organize your Company and how MyLenio can help you
  • Human Resources: MyLenio provides a robust set of tools to allow your HR team to perform their daily activities in an organized way. It also provides engagement tools for your employees, recruitment modules. HR People Love.
  • Teams: MyLenio lets you organize your employees in Teams. From each team, you'll be able to assign training, documents, and tasks for them to complete. Specify all SaaS resources that each team needs to perform their work and provide automatic permissions to all these teams. Model your teams, and let MyLenio take care of the heavy lifting for you.
  • People Directory: Have a place to connect with colleagues and find more about them. Easily find contact information in your Company

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