Inventory Tracking: Monitor your Assets

Track all the assets of your company and make sure everything on your Company is accounted for. Assign it to People and add Comments.

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Manage your Inventory

  • MyLenio allows you to track your Inventory
  • Create different Brands, Types to Track
  • Add all of your Assets with the SN, Name, Year, etc
  • Assign each Asset to an Employee
  • MyLenio will keep track of everything for you in one place
  • No more asking where everything is located!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Manage your Inventory

Keep track of all your Assets

Assign your Assets

  • You can Assign each asset to anyone in your Team
  • Keep track of who currently has the asset
  • Quickly filters to find anything you need
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Assign your Assets

Tracking Logs for each Asset

  • Every time you modified an Asset, MyLenio will Track this
  • Have the whole history of who was assigned to each asset at each time
  • Be able to report exactly what happened with each of your assets.
  • Get organized, Track your Assets!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Tracking Logs for each Asset

Know all the changes the inventory had over time!

Other features you might be interested on

  • Compliance: MyLenio helps you comply with the best security standards like SOC2, HIPPA, PCI, ISO. Automatic Permissions by Resources. Flows to model your processes. 360 view of your whole company in one place!
  • Profile for Employees: MyLenio provides a self-service for your Employee to modify their personal information, photo and track their connected SaaS Applications' status.
  • 12 tools on how to Organize your Small Business : Learn some of the tricks we found on most of our Customers on how to properly organize your Company and how MyLenio can help you
  • Human Resources: MyLenio provides a robust set of tools to allow your HR team to perform their daily activities in an organized way. It also provides engagement tools for your employees, recruitment modules. HR People Love.
  • Benefits & Perks: List the benefits and perks that your company offers and make them visible to all your employee staff.

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