Teams: Live Reports for your Clients

MyLenio allows you to provide a Live Report to share with your Clients about your Teams and avoid manual reports!

MyLenio helps you Organize your Company

Create a Live Report for Teams

  • MyLenio allows you to configure as many Live Reports as you want
  • Set the Teams you want to include, filter what users not to show, set a password for sharing.
  • Configure exactly what to show on your report
  • A unique link will be created for you to share with your Clients.
  • This will show all people in that team, with the role they have
  • Avoid having to do manual reports each month and automate your Company!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Create a Live Report for Teams

Share your Live Reports

  • Live Reports show all people that belong to that Team
  • KPI on how many users and teams are shared
  • See a graph of how many people are in each Team
  • See a graph on how many people are in each Role
  • 100% transparency with your Clients will help you to save time!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Share your Live Reports


The same price for every business size.

  • All our SaaS Integrations included
  • No user limit
  • User Provisioning
  • Automatic Permissions
  • Easy to setup with 24/7 support
  • No hidden costs
  • Support for custom REST integrations

Manage your Live Reports

  • You can create as many Live Reports as you need
  • You can always modify them, turn them off, etc
  • Copy the Live Report link for sharing with your Clients
  • Get Organized with MyLenio!
MyLenio helps you Organize your Company
Manage your Live Reports

Other features you might be interested on

  • Compliance: MyLenio helps you comply with the best security standards like SOC2, HIPPA, PCI, ISO. Automatic Permissions by Resources. Flows to model your processes. 360 view of your whole company in one place!
  • Teams for Admins: MyLenio allows you to create Teams, Assign Roles, and provide automatic permissions to your SaaS Applications. You can also add Documents, Training, and Tasks!
  • Employee Roles: Organize your teams by roles by assigning resources to each role. MyLenio will automatically provide the Permissions, Documents, Training, and Tasks for them.
  • Teams: MyLenio lets you organize your employees in Teams. From each team, you'll be able to assign training, documents, and tasks for them to complete. Specify all SaaS resources that each team needs to perform their work and provide automatic permissions to all these teams. Model your teams, and let MyLenio take care of the heavy lifting for you.
  • Clients: MyLenio lets you manage your Clients, track their inventory, assets, open positions, and teams.

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