How to keep your Employee's Information Secure and Organized

Author: Martin Capeletto

If you don't currently have a User Directory for your Company, please start making one! This is fundamental and will be the basis of everything you do overtime. Most small businesses have Google gSuite or Microsoft Office 365, which is a good first step, but most companies don't have their employee information in this Directory.

As a first step, make sure you're using gSuite or Office 365. They provide you with a Directory where you can save all this information. Then, make sure everyone on your Team has an account. Finally, fill in all the information you have like Name, Address, Personal Phone, Emergency Contact, Department, Manager, ID, among others.

Once you have all this information, make it part of your processes that every time someone joins your Company, you'll add this information. This will be your primary source of truth and information in your Company and should be done properly.

MyLenio helps you with this. We connect to Google gSuite and Microsoft Office 365 and sync all the information you configure for your employees directly into that directory. This means the data belongs to you and is safe on their systems. From MyLenio, you can add new users, edit all their information, and everything will be taken into gSuite and Office 365 automatically for you.

Let's see how all this plays together in MyLenio, for directories. We provide 3 options.

  • Google gSuite Integration
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MyLenio Directory

MyLenio Directory is available for free to all users. If you choose to use it, all information will be saved into MyLenio, and if you choose gSuite and Office 365, we will save most of the basic information (as much as they support) on their system, like name, id, address, etc. With gSuite, we take this one step further and integrate it with Custom Schemas to save the rest of the information.

To connect your Directory, you can go to Settings, Apps, and choose one of the Directories from there.

We're integrated with oAuth 2.0 to provide the most secure integration available, you'll need to connect with an Administrator account once, and we'll take it from there. You have 2 options here. You can use your normal user account or create a special Google or Microsoft account to connect to MyLenio.

The second option will increase your gSuite or Office cost on 1 license, but it provides a cleaner integration, where it doesn't matter if that person leaves the company. Everything will be saved in this isolated account. We recommend this second option, but of course, both will work just fine.

Connecting your Account will make all of the users you have in the Directory to be used in MyLenio. This does not create an account for everyone because we want you to control your licenses. The next time you create a User, you'll have a new option to use someone from your Directory.

By choosing a user from the Directory, that user will be linked into MyLenio, and we'll perform the data sync daily. If you modify anything in gSuite or Office, we will pick that new information every day, and we will also update it when they log into the application.

The next sync happens when you go to the User Admin Profile and click on Edit.

Here we're showing all the information we have on the user. Consider this the profile for each of your employees and the most important information you need to keep fresh and updated. Every time you save anything here, we will sync all this information into gSuite and Office 365 if connected. That way, the most important of your user data is living on their servers.

You can also customize which of the custom fields you'll be using our Data Mapping Tool.

In this place, you'll see what fields we are using for each of the providers, so you know where the data will be saved. For gSuite, we also support custom schemas to save all the extra fields in there. For Office, because of compatibility, that's not supported, but we save the basic information as you can see described on that screen.

If you prefer not to use a gSuite or Office 365 license to add a User to MyLenio, you can always use the MyLenio directory con creation. In that case, all the information will be saved into the MyLenio Directory, which is included for free.

Every employee can also check what information we have from them from their User Profile:

From here, they can edit personal information like Photo, Address, Emergency Contact, and Personal Phone. They can also see most of the rest of the information your company has on them. Showing this information to the user create the trust that you're taking their personal data seriously. And having a self-service to modify it makes it a breeze to keep this information accurate and updated.

Why all of this is important? First, having a robust and consolidated Directory will be the base of everything we do in the future. Since your team is the most important part of your company, you need to have all the proper information updated and secured.

Having this information easily available allows you to start doing things for your Team. You can make sure you can send a gift for everyone's birthday to the proper address, or know that the emergency contacts are updated if something happens, and you need that information fast. This seems basic enough, but still, most companies fail at keeping their information in good shape.

One quick win can be making sure that the personal email, address, and personal phone of all your employees data is up to date. For this, MyLenio allows you to set up a Task, that can also be configured to run, let say, every 6 months, allowing you to automate this process. In this example, there are 2 things to do to get this done in MyLenio.

First, create a New Task. Go to Admin -> Tasks, and set a Task with the name: "Update Profile Information", set some approval flow (if you want to validate the information), and describe to your users what they need to do. In this case, they need to click on Edit their profile, check that all the information is up-to-date and that's all. After saving the task you can also configure a Scheduler to run this every 6 months.

Second, you'll need to assign this Task to a Team. Everything in MyLenio is organized in Teams, so for example, go to the team you created with all the employees of your company. Go to the "Assets" tab and add the newly created task. You'll also select what roles in your Team this task will be available to. And that's all, in less than 5 minutes we configured a task that will keep your employee information up to date forever. You can add as many tasks as you want for your employees.

Having the Directory will be the base for providing automatic permissions in MyLenio, assigning Training, Tasks, Documents, creating benefits, adding Recognitions, etc., etc.

Finally, everyone connected to gSuite or Office 365 will be able to log into the application using their email account, so there is no need to manage another system for MyLenio!

We have more integrations like Drive integration, Calendar, and Slides described in another article on how to get deeper integration with your existing tools.

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