How to Implement a Training Program in your Company

Author: Martin Capeletto

Implementing a Training Program for your Company has many benefits, including training new employees on security, having them know how things are done in your Company and allowing them to be more effective from the beginning. Time invested in developing a Training Program is money well spent because it will reduce problems in the future and speed things up considerably from the beginning.

There are multiple ways of implementing a Training Program for your Small Business, from simple lists for them to complete to presentations in person, videos, and even some enterprise-level companies producing videos and games to create the best experience.

There are also multiple tools for doing this, but this usually comes at a price that's steep for Small Business (and it's included in MyLenio at no extra cost), and also those tools don't integrate with the rest of your Company, which create another complexity in having more and more applications to manage, and licenses to pay, etc., etc.

For this reason, MyLenio offers you a Training solution for your Small Business that will help you achieve what you need without having to pay someone else and integrating all of this into your existing processes.

First, you need to create a Training, let's call it "Bitbucket Training Material. Each training in MyLenio has up to 3 presentations and can have a Test at the end of the presentations for each people to complete.

For the presentations, we believe that simple is better for Small Businesses. Of course, you can produce videos and spend a ton of money and time. Still, simple and beautiful Powerpoint presentations usually get the job done nicely and are easy to create and maintain. For this reason, we are integrated with gSuite Slides and Office 365 Powerpoint, those tools are amazing, and you're probably paying for those.

To connect them, you can go to Settings -> App, choose gSuite or Office 365, and with our Auth 2.0 one-click connection, you'll be able to start using those. Remember to connect this with an account where you'll share the presentations with the rest of the people on your company that needs to be able to edit those.

By taking advantage of your existing Slides tools, you can easily create these presentations directly on gSuite Slides or Office 365 Powerpoint (you can also upload a pdf if you don't want to use those). Then MyLenio will display this presentation as part of the Training. You can add up to 3 different presentations for each Training. Each one will be activated after the other one is completed.

Once they finish watching the presentation, each employee will be ready to test this Training. Of course, this is optional, but we strongly recommend it because it will also help you with your Compliance if you need to do a SOC-II, PCI, HIPAA certification.

For the Forms, we provide 2 different options, you can create the questions and answers directly on MyLenio, or you can connect your gSuite Forms and read them from there.

Each test is configurable on what % the user needs to pass it, and if they don't get it right the first time, they can try again. All this information will be saved for you to have all the history of each Training. After passing a test, each employee will receive a Certificate that he can share with anyone with a shareable link. This allows your team to stay motivated and engaged while learning everything about your Company.

This is an easy and effective way to start having your Training Program, you can add as many Training and you want, try to cover most of the things you need each employee to know. This is not that hard to maintain updated once you created all the material, and the benefits are huge for your organization.

Of course, MyLenio doesn't stop there because we provide tools to monitor and assign all this Training in an automated way.

For monitoring, our Compliance Dashboard will show (among other things) all the Training that had been assigned in your Company. You can see who has completed each training, who still has pending ones, who didn't complete and is overdue. This view allows you to quickly identify and make sure that everyone is up to date with these important assignments.

On top of this, MyLenio will send a reminder (using email or slack if connected) to each person, telling them when there's a new training to complete when a new due date is about to approach, and every day after the training is overdue. Having the system send all these reminders, you don't usually have to worry about anything except the initial setup. Then the system will make sure everyone gets their Training done.

We also allow you to Automate how Training is assigned by allowing you to set Recurring Events. For example, let say you want this Security training to be completed by everyone every 6 months. You configure this in MyLenio, and the system will automatically assign this again to everyone after that period. You can configure any configuration to trigger your Training.

Finally, but super important is how to Assign Training in the system. Most systems try to organize this in groups or assigning things to someone manually. This usually gets out of control because those systems are not in sync and because assigning something manually tends to create errors, and people forget to do things.

In MyLenio, everything is organized in Teams, one of our platform's Core features. A team is just a Name with a group of people organized by roles. You can create as many teams as you want and need.

On our simple example, we could have a Team representing everyone in the Company. This team will have all your Company members. You can then configure that you want everyone who joins that team to be part of a particular Training. You can do the same with all the other of your Training. Once configured, MyLenio will automatically assign this Training to anyone that joins that team, and the users will be notified when this happens.

When someone joins that team, they will automatically be assigned all those Training, without your involvement in any of this. As things get more complex, you can also assign different training for different roles in each Team. For example, you might want IT engineers to complete different Training than Customer Support employees. All this from the ease of MyLenio Teams.

You can even model more complex scenarios, like having a Company in multiple countries. Each country has different Training needs, and you can model this by having one Team for the global company and 1 team per country. Inside each team, you'll assign the people that are part of that country, and you can assign different training for this.

MyLenio provides a powerful solution to take care of your Training that can scale with your Small Business. Start considering implementing a Training Program and have MyLenio help you achieve this without any of the extra burdens of doing things manually.

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